Robert Boston, Project/Class A Technology Manager

Mr. Boston has a unique blend of agricultural education, and biosolids market development combining over 12 years of direct biosolids experience and over 25 years of agribusiness experience.  Mr. Boston has also provided these services to each of the multiple facilities in the United States including direct operations. Mr. Boston will serve as the project manager to help identify operational systems and distribution channels of the product.





Mike Kann, Operations Manager

Mr. Kann is responsible of the transportation and logistics for BDS.  Mr. Kann also oversees the day to day operations including production of the end product, transportation, and scheduling for each project. He will manage the onsite team leader for the project, transportation, storing and processing of the end product.   He will ensure our service is a streamlined process for the City and stay in direct contact on an ongoing basis.

Chad Meadows, Residuals Manager

Mr. Meadows has an agricultural degree from the University of Florida and is currently in the process of becoming a Certified Crop Advisor. He has been responsible for marketing and developing the alkaline stabilized Class A Exceptional Quality end product produced in Florida by the Bioset process, trademarked as Revinu, for BDS throughout the Southeast region of the United States.  Mr. Meadows will be responsible for the final marketing and beneficial re-use of the end product.