As an economic solution provider, we have become a forerunner in the biosolids beneficial reuse industry, setting the meter for our competitors to follow. Our experienced team and trained operators allow us to seamlessly handle all marketing and distribution of the end product.

Caring About The Environment

We care about the environment, and i'm sure you do, too. Responsible treatment plants are encouraged to find environmentally safe reuse for their biosolids. BDS provides the complete solution to this dilemma in a mutually beneficial manner. Contact us for more information on Class ‘A’ value added biosolids.


With more than 15 years of direct experience with beneficial reuse of biosolids and 30 years of experience with land applying, our team is the clear choice for providing your city with a full long-term solution to any or all biosolids handling needs to provide immediate benefit to your city.

We are ready and capable to handle full or partial control of your wastewater management, taking any worry or uncertainty away.